Poet in Boston

Alvaro Aguilar

Acoustic Rock Ballad filled with honest admiration.

"I went to Boston, basically to visit my cousin and his family. But I had not imagined what I would encounter there. The first night we had some beers and the next day, he took me to a bar at a lake shore. Then came the stories about people not going there anymore. But the place was so beautiful and peaceful, that I could not imagine how something like that, would go out of style. Then, he and his family took me on a tour to visit all the tourist sites. Very important facts of the american history happened there. And the ship!! What a beauty! But that beauty was built to make war...I have experienced the atrocities of war in my country. Still are we subjects of too much violence here. And I wished that someday we will live in such a pleasant reality. Decorated with al those other things Bostonians share everyday." Alvaro Aguilar is the lead vocalist and main composer of the Guatemalan rock band Alux Nahual, with two gold, and one platinum records in their career. They have been one of the most representative artists in Central America, having recorded 9 albums and one live symphonic DVD, called "Alux Nahual Sinfónico". Alvaro has three albums from his solo career and several other songs dedicated to his hometown Guatemala.

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